Your New Vehicle

The Facts About New Vehicle Ownership And Service

We are constantly asked about maintenance and repair, as it pertains to new vehicles and their warranty. We will try to answer as many questions as possible, while maybe clearing the air on a few myths

All maintenance work must be performed at the dealership

False. All of your routine maintenance can be performed by any independent repair facility, or Quick Lube service station and still keep your warranty intact. For safe measures, keep all your records handy.

Who is responsible for maintenance on a leased vehicle?

The Leasee (person who leases the vehicle) is the one responsible for maintaining the vehicle

What repairs are required to be done at the dealership

Technically, none are required to be done at the dealership, but anything that falls under manufacturer warranty will normally need to be performed at the dealership. Certain consumable items, like brakes, generally are not covered under dealer warranty. We suggest consulting the dealership prior to committing to any repair job. Remember, its your vehicle and you are always entitled to a second opinion

Should you be installing oem parts only

Contrary to popular belief, original (dealer) parts are not always the best parts for your vehicle. Most aftermarket manufacturers build their replacement parts to meet, or exceed OEM standard, and often come at a fraction of the price. There are many cases where the aftermarket part is a superior part, but also other times where the OEM part is still the best. That's something we have learned with different vehicles over time and utilize the knowledge of part quality in making the decision for what is right for your vehicle

Will installing aftermarket add on's void my warranty

Normally no. The addition of an aftermarket, or cold air intake, headers or high flow exhaust should not have any effect on your warranty. When looking to void warranty, they want proof of cause of catastrophic failure, and these add on kits are designed to work safely within the parameters of your stock vehicle. Give us a call if you are unsure about what you can and cannot do with your new vehicle

Remember, knowledge is power, and the more you know about your new vehicle, the better.

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