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Advice To Maximize Your Visit To The Repair Shop

Do Your Homework. There are many quality repair shops out there. Ask around to friends or family and see if they have a place they would recommend, or not recommend. How long has the business been around? Longevity in a business often points to quality work, and great customer service. How many certified technicians are employed? The more quality trained technicians that work there, can assure you that your vehicle is in good hands. What matters most to you? To some its the quality of repair, to some its the price. You need to decide what your priority is. Shopping solely based on price is going to put you in the lower end of the quality scale. Price reduction is usually achieved by using inferior parts, and having a low priced tech perform the repair. High quality doesn't always mean extremely expensive though. There is definitely an achievable balance that a lot of shops have figured out to still be able to bring you a top quality repair, for a reasonable price. Generally if you find 4-5 facilities on par with their price, and one place that blows all of their prices out of the water, usually that price drop comes with a string attached. Ask Questions!!! It is up to a repair facility to earn your business. You should feel 100% confident that you picked the right place so asking the right questions is crucial. Always remember though, that what works for you, might not always work for others.

Once You Have A Facility Chosen. Bring as much information to the table as possible. With so many variables in todays automobiles, it is vital that a technician has all the information before working on your vehicle. When does the noise occur? What speed does the shake happen at? Is the odor more present when facing east or west? Any warning lights on the dash? Remember, you know your vehicle better than anyone else. Every piece of information helps a technician be as accurate as possible

Stay Involved. Be sure you keep yourself informed. You don't want to rush or pester the Technician or Service Advisor, but you should try and remain as informed as possible. Touching base every couple hours keeps you in the know, and shows how important the quality of the repair is. After the repair is done, your feedback isn't just welcomed, its encouraged. If you are unhappy with the service than please express your concern. The only way to improve someones shortcomings is constructive advice. If you are pleased with the service you received, let them know. Lets face it, who doesn't like knowing they did their job well? It also never hurts to give positive reviews on Facebook, Yelp or any other social media outlet. Not only does it show appreciation, it also helps a consumer who might be on the fence about who to visit for their repairs.

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