Import and Luxury Vehicles

Where To Go??

Your vehicle is your pride and joy, especially some of the high end imports and luxury vehicles. Being in Lethbridge though, people feel restricted in what their service options are. The idea of taking it back to the original dealer, for quality and piece of mind is great in theory, but the fact remains that you will have to drive to at least Calgary for service. Why though? Why should you be inconvenienced just because of what you drive?

While every vehicle has their own unique traits, the bottom line remains that they are all machines, that operate under the same principles. Those very same principles that technicians are trained on. An internal combustion engine is still an internal combustion engine. Whether its bolted inside a rusted out domestic "beater" or a $250,000 European sports car, its still an internal combustion engine.

Most service on your "pride and joy" can be handled right here in Lethbridge. Between the top of the line technicians, constant training and the wide range of quality parts carried by our suppliers, the need to travel out of town for simple maintenance or more, is no longer an issue. Don't forget to do your research a bit before planning a day trip to Calgary just for an oil change

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