Fuel Saving Tips

A lot of minor factors can go a long way when talking about saving a couple bucks at the pump. Every little bit helps

-Only use premium fuel when the manufacturer recommends it. With fuel injection, most vehicles are programmed to run 87 octane. Running a higher octane fuel when the vehicle isn't meant for it, can definitely cause the vehicle to not run its best. We suggest only using a higher octane if the manufacturer recommends it

-Keep your vehicle tuned up, and filters clean. If your spark plugs remain in good shape and your filters aren't excessively plugged, your vehicle will run better and not work as hard, thus keeping gas consumption down

-Keep your tires at the recommended pressure. Tires that are under or over inflated will not only cause premature tire wear, but brings your mileage down drastically

-Have your oil changes done at the proper intervals

-Have your brakes checked to make sure there isn't excessive drag on one or more wheels

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