Cabin Air Filters

Most vehicle owners don't even know what a cabin air filter is, let alone if their vehicle is equipped with one, so its no surprise when customers come in complaining of odors, or Air Conditioning problems. What exactly does the cabin air filter do?

  • Cleaner air in passenger compartment.
  • Helps remove dust, soot, and air born pollen.
  • Helps remove microscopic particles and foul odors.
  • Reduces allergy related problems.
  • Improves your vehicles heating and air-conditioning performance.

The cabin filter is usually located behind the dash and filters all the fresh air that comes in through you heating/air conditioning system. Eventually though, with so much airborne dust and allergens, your filter becomes contaminated and airflow gets drastically affected, as does air quality. After time, little critters like to try and make their home on a dirty cabin filter. Changing the filter is a fairly straight forward process that is extremely beneficial to both your comfort and your health

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