The Facts About Brakes And Your Vehicle

It seems as though, there are countless options when it comes to brakes. Dozens of different brands, different compounds, and of course, different prices. But why? Why is one set of brake pads $30.00 while another set is $130.00?

All brake pads are not created equal. When buying brake pads it’s very true that you get what you pay for. Cheaper pads can be noisy, create lots of brake dust on your wheels, and have a short service life. The biggest enemy in your brakes ability to stop quickly and safely, is heat. Lower quality pads, and their ability to stop effectively are drastically reduced in high heat conditions, mostly city conditions where frequent brake applications are made. When it comes to higher quality pads, they are engineered and built to actually utilize the heat that the brakes create for a more effective stop, as well, they have the ability to shed excess heat better than the lower quality pads.

Most aftermarket brake manufacturers invest a lot into research and development, to create a product that far exceeds Original Equipment Manufacturers specifications. They are built to stop quicker, provide a better pedal feel, and last far longer than OEM, or "second line" brakes. That's why we install only Raybestos brake products. Raybestos has proven over and over again to be the leader in braking technology.

Curious about what brakes are best for your vehicle? Need a more "financially viable" option while not sacrificing your vehicles braking ability? Give us a call. We can answer any questions you may have about your brakes, and get you set up with the option that works best, for you.

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